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Home Beyond Boundaries

Are you looking for something that’s off book? Something special, unique, trendy, something that doesn’t exist in any catalogue you can find? Then you’ve arrived. Our ability to deliver a complete home package goes beyond custom cabinets and allows you to design a unique space that truly goes beyond boundaries.

Materials, styles, finishes, designs. You don’t have to compromise on your vision. There are no limits to the custom cabinets we can create. If you can dream it, we can make it. And you know it will be built to the standard and quality we’re proud to be known for.

Unique styles.

Refresh your perspective with truly unique custom cabinets, anything from wine storage and display cabinets, flush-mount appliance units, custom wardrobes, and more. Built for the dreamers, the wanderers and the mischief-makers, the possibilities are endless.

Materials and finishes.

Over the years, we’ve developed strong relationships with our trade partners. This gives us the ability to source materials that aren’t within our standard offerings. So open a world of possibilities and dream up cabinets in styles and materials that are off-book; we’ll build them.

Residential Millwork.

Our craft is cabinets, our passion: the heart of your home. But our capabilities extend well beyond cabinetry. We’re also able to provide highly specialized custom residential millwork, building anything from passage doors and pocket doors, wall panelling, co-planar hardware, bi-fold and pocket door systems and more. Go ahead, think outside the box.