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Together, we can create a look for your home that is completely custom and exactly what you’re looking for. Nickels Cabinets, supported by our certified dealers across North America, crafts truly custom solutions designed for you and your space. Our Custom product line includes, but is not limited to, Black Walnut, Rift-Cut While Oak, paint, and a variety of European materials that our stylists weave together to craft the heart of your home.

Every Custom order is built one at a time, adhering to our high standards of care and quality. Our process and attention to detail ensures that we meet your expectations, and if we make a mistake, we make it right. From the minute our dealer service team opens the drawings until your order is loaded onto the truck, your order is expertly cared for by our team.

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Fit and finish.

Designed and manufactured to perfectly fit your space, our Custom products are exactly what you want them to be. Light and airy. Bold and modern. Traditional and homey. The choice is yours. Whether you want a painted or grain-matched product, we have an entire door collection and the finish options you’re looking for to craft a truly beautiful kitchen. Completed by hand. Oven-baked. Individually inspected.


Whether it’s a great pair of shoes, a watch, or a handbag, everyone loves a great accessory; your cabinets are no different. Outfitting your space with the correct accessories can make all the difference in how you utilize all the areas of your home. With a full line of standard accessories to fit each application and our ability to customize these, or find something totally new for you, we give you the power to reclaim all the unused parts of your home and ensure that everything has a place and everything is in its place.


Custom cabinetry doesn’t have to stay in the kitchen. Our Custom products are perfect for every space in your home, from wardrobes and closets, to built-in vanities, laundry rooms, garages, and so much more.